Senior Health Visits


Senior Health Visits

When it comes to your senior cat or dog friend, this is the special ‘golden years’ time in their life when we all really want to be there for them, keeping them comfortable and making the most of their time with you. These beloved pets deserve our care more now than at any other time in their life. This is when we can help them the most and really see this help lead to major improvements in their daily activities.

Just as with human beings, more things can happen as we age. Simple things such as bladder infections, thyroid disease, dental disease, or arthritis, as well as more complex conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, organ failure, cancers and endocrine illnesses can many times be managed quite well for these pets, especially when detected early.

Many of these conditions are treated much more effectively, simply and affordably than some owners believe initially, and many conditions are able to be ‘controlled’ in a very humane, loving way that allows owners to really enjoy and appreciate the senior years of their pet.

At Arvada Flats it is absolutely never in our plan to have a pet suffer a prolonged life; we are helping pets and owners enjoy the senior years in ways many loving families never thought possible.

Schedule your pet a senior wellness visit, twice yearly if able, and work with one of our veterinarians to keep these years ‘golden’ for as long as we are compassionately able. It is amazing how these pets affect our lives and we can help explain, and even help your family understand, some of these new senior behaviors that may be occurring!

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